Gary Barone

Therapeutic Hypnotist

After experiencing hypnosis first hand in September 2011 (Gary became a Non Smoker after a 1 hour hypnotic session), Gary went on to become a certified Therapeutic Hypnotist and has been helping people with a variety of issues ever since.

Introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in 2014, he has found it be very effective and powerful on its own as well as in conjunction with Hypnosis.

Stay tuned for more online sessions. 

We are currently working on:

New Beginnings - Beyond Just Weight Loss!

Choices - Taking Control of Tomorrow!

Stop Smoking!

Do you have an issue or habit you'd like to see dealt with online?

Email me at garyb@HabitsBeGone.comwith your suggestions or comments!

Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1 - Stress Be Gone

Reject the Negatives - Embrace the Positives!




All content is hiqh quality video recordings of me giving you complete instructions and a full "one on one" session where I guide you through the process just as if we were together in my office!

Take a Peek of What's Inside!




Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) utilizes the pressure points within our upper body and our Meridian or Energy System.  Through EFT, we deflate your levels of stress while dramtically increasing your feelings of well-being and joyfulness.

In as little as 10 minutes, the process of joyfulness will begin.  In fact, the immediate and long-term response to this simple process has been nothing short of amazing!

See what our clients have to say ...

Bill B. - I had developed a phobia or fear of making follow-up telephone calls to prospects.  After only one session with you utilizing EFT, I find that I am no longer struggling to take positive actions.  Your relaxation techniques are now working subconsciously on me and even if I try NOT to make calls, I have to.  It's like a force within me that was never there before.

Genia K. - Before having my EFT session with Gary, I considered myself a stress-free, generally happy person.  Right after the session, I felt different - better - ligthter - joyful.  By Monday, I realized that these feelings of joyfulness and well-being had stayed with me throughout the weekend and were getting stronger!

Wow what a feeling!



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